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White Peach Gelato


I’m in denial about the end of summer. I still need at least a few more beach weekends. It’s a minor tragedy that the weather’s getting cooler now that I’ve gotten really expert at jumping in the ocean and my tan is almost perfect. And let’s not even talk about about sweaters and jackets. I’m not at all ready for them. But the peaches are what kill me. Big, juicy, fat, white ones that taste almost like flowers. I have not eaten nearly enough of them.

Since I’m not yet at the point of being able to control the weather, I raced to the farmer’s market like a mad fiend this past weekend and bought a sack full of them.


And since nothing says summer like ice cream, I decided that making some would be the perfect end-of-summer hoorah.

I was going to do this whole post about how, in the last few pages of his masterpiece 2666, Roberto Bolaño writes that ”ice cream is far better in spring and fall than it is in summer” and how I had never given it any thought before but agreed completely the second I read it. It was going to be this great transition into the peach gelato, and the cool crisp fall weather, and how wonderful it is to eat ice cream when it’s not dripping down your hands and face two seconds after you’ve scooped it because of extreme summertime heat.


But then these last two days ended up being a freakish 90 degrees, so I decided I’d just end by saying that white peaches aren’t in season for much longer, so run out and get a lot and make this ice cream while you’re at it so that you can keep a little bit of summer in your freezer.

Adapted from Giuliano Hazan

Ingredients (makes about one quart):

  • 1 and 1/2 cups of white peaches
  • 1/2 cup of sugar
  • 3/4 cups of water
  • 1/3 cup of heavy cream

Make the gelato:

Wash the peaches and cut them into slices. Keep the skins on unless they really bother you. Put the peaches into a food processor and process until liquified. Stir in the water, sugar and cream and mix until well combined (you can use your food processor or just a whisk in a bowl).


Pour the mixture into an ice cream maker. I used my Kitchen Aid mixer with the ice cream attachment on Speed 1 for about fifteen minutes. Freeze until hard enough to scoop.


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